SATURDAY AUGUST 28TH                            Community Dialogue

This was a healing racism training to help one another see The Face of God In Each Other. 

Facilitator Debbie Stokes walked us through the day with thought provoking discussions, lessons, videos to help us learn to appreciate differences while finding common ground. 


SUNDAY AUGUST 29TH                       Stand Up To Hate MLK Virtual 5K

Walk it - Run It - Bike It - Hike It!

MLK Lebanon raised over $1,500
to further our mission.

Thank you to all of our runners,
walkers, donors, and sponsors.


SUNDAY AUGUST 29TH                       MLK March

MLK Lebanon commemorated the 58th Anniversary of the March on Washington DC on Sunday August 29th.

The community gather at 5:45 pm and march in the streets with a police escort down Cherry St., west on Mulberry St., north on Broadway and up New Street. 

Over 30 people participated in this historic event in Lebanon.