Drum Major for Service Awards

2022 Award Honorees

Youth Leader of Tomorrow –  Mia Brady is the president of LHS Diversity Club and the secretary of Key Club (volunteer-based organization). She has a heart for service and works hard to improve the culture of our school. She is an honor student who earns high grades. She is on path to make positive change within our community.

Youth Leader of Tomorrow - Sophia Toler is a gem. She is bright, both academically and socially. She is the student who always goes above what is asked even though she is already quite smart. It is rare to find a young person who will work as hard as she does and already is a high performer in school. She is accepting of others. Her class gets along and are all friends, and it can be attributed to her. She is outgoing and interacts with everyone. Sophia is active in music extra curriculars and loves them. She is a student that actually never hear complain. In fact, she is known for planning out her time and how she is going to get everything accomplished. Her teachers are happy to see her be honored for being such an upstanding human.

Organizational Leadership Award - Emily Pennekamp President of ArtScape Lebanon is being honored as an Organizational Leader. She has lead ArtScape to become a vibrant part of Warren County. Emily has been involved with ArtScape since 2016 and has served as a Chairperson, Treasurer., and then President of ArtScape since 2021. Emily is a wife and mother and is happy to partner with the talented board members of ArtScape to make art accessible to all!

Outstanding Organization - ArtScape Lebanon

ArtScape Lebanon’s mission is to unite and empower our community through the arts. In 2021, ArtScape presented the Art In Color exhibit in partnership with the MLK Community Coalition of Lebanon. The exhibit, Art In Color celebrated Black Artists in Warren County. ArtScape offers studios and in-person classes at The Art Depot, 740 S. US-42, Lebanon, Ohio. ArtScape works to raise awareness regarding the value of the arts, inclusive of any abilities. ArtScape strives to preserve and honor Lebanon’s diverse cultural and artistic traditions to enhance the quality of arts activities by creating resources and a platform that enables artists to flourish. ArtScape is supported by the generosity of more than 35,000 contributors to the ArtsWave Community Campaign.

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Organizational Leadership - Leena Rekhi-Salmon is a mother, a leader, and a champion for change. Leena grew tired of seeing children in her community, and family suffer from discrimination and hate by others. She is a founding member of Parents Empowering All Children of Color (PEACOC), a member of the Springboro School’s Superintendent Diversity and Inclusion Committee, a coordinator for the Springboro Juneteenth Jubilee, which held its inaugural celebration in 2021.  The Springboro Juneteenth Jubilee is an annual event that will be celebrated on the 3rd Saturday in June.   As co-owner of The Goddard School in Springboro, Leena spends her week surrounded by children and her goal is to provide a nourishing, warm, diverse and inclusive environment where they can learn and develop into upstanding members of society. Her aspirations for diversity and inclusion include ensuring every child at every age is represented, loved, supported, and given access to an accurate education. When children are equipped with a safe and encouraging environment and access to learning material and opportunities, they become great citizens, role models and leaders of the next generation.  This is what every child deserves and our world needs.

Adult Community Leader - Ellen Hudson is a choir director, educator, leader, mentor, wife, mother and grandmother. Ellen serves as a Program Coordinator at County Board of Developmental Disabilities. Ellen has made it her life’s mission to give back to the community through her contributions to the Voices of Warren County, a choir group comprised of adults with disabilities. There are more than 30 individuals in this group. She has worked tirelessly to give individuals with disabilities the chance to showcase their talents through singing. She works countless hours and looks for opportunities for her choir to perform. She has also worked in-home settings for Developmental Disabilities. Ellen is known for mentoring and helping co-workers and new employees, always encouraging them to reach their full potential, to reach goals they may not have seen or goals they thought were out of reach. She is also very humble, a quiet champion for those needing a chance, opportunity, a voice and for those with disabilities feel included. We are honored to present Ellen Hudson with the Drum Major adult leader award.

Outstanding Organization - PEACOC - Springboro Juneteenth

In addition, we would like to also honor PEACOC – Springboro Juneteenth as one of our outstanding organizations this year. The first Springboro Juneteenth Jubilee was held in 2021 and was a family-friendly community celebration being held on June 19, honoring the important day in our nation's history, June 19, 1865. On this day, the last slaves in Galveston, Texas were finally told of their freedom, nearly two years after the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation had abolished slavery. The day long celebration shared history, freedom, and the commitment to equity and inclusion for all. The Juneteenth Jubilee will take place again this June and will include live music and performances, a 3-on-3 basketball tournament, Underground Railroad tours, local food trucks, prizes, and more. Springboro is a significant landmark in the history of the Underground Railroad and abolitionist movement. The Quaker community played a major role as a safe harbor for slaves paving the way for freedom for Black Americans. This event was created by PEACOC - Parents Empowering All Children of Color. Their mission is to create a safe community of empowered and unafraid BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) children and adults, who belong equally, with rights and privileges afforded to all, regardless of race, disability, economic status, gender identity, sexual orientation, or faith.

Adult Community Leader - Emiko Moore is a whirlwind of energy and compassion. During the 90s, she was a Researcher/Producer for NHK News and was based at the United Nations in NYC. She then became a Producer for the Today Show for about 6 years until she moved back home to Lebanon in 2002. She later became the host of the City Show on Channel 6 while continuing to work for NBC as a freelance news producer. Emiko has been involved in many causes and charities. After a tsunami struck Japan in 2011, she and her family started the Ishinomaki Playground Project, which built a playground in Emiko’s mother’s home town. She helped form a sister-park relationship between Miller Ecological Park in Lebanon and the Matsunami Park in Japan where the playground was built. Emiko is passionate about race relations in our communities. She is an active member of the MLK Community Coalition of Lebanon, leading Community Dialogues and she is also a member of the panel for Mason Bridging Stories, which enables people to share their personal stories. For Emiko, meeting people and hearing their experiences is important to understand and respect each other. 

The Martin Luther King Jr. Community Coalition of Lebanon, Ohio is seeking nominations for its Drum Major for Service Awards. These awards are designed to recognize the contributions of those who exemplify the ideals of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. as described in his sermon on the Drum Major Instinct. Specifically, we are looking for three (3) categories of nominees:

Youth – Leaders of Tomorrow

• Sustained effort to promote equal opportunity for all and embrace the image of Dr. King.

• Excellence in education and extra curricular activities.

• Demonstrate strong and growing commitment to service.

Adult Community Leaders

• Sustained effort to promote equal opportunity for all and embrace the image of Dr. King.

• Excellence in a field of endeavor, thereby serving as a role model for all people.

• Demonstrate strong and growing commitment to service.

• Assist in ensuring equal opportunity and career advancement opportunities for all people.

Organizations (corporation, business or group)

• Sustained effort to promote equal opportunity for all and embrace the image of Dr. King.

• Encourage the participation and inclusion of all peoples and groups in public service, committees, activities or events.

• Design and implement programs that inspire mutual respect, understanding and sensitivity for persons of diverse backgrounds.

• Promote and advance mutual respect, understanding and appreciation for diversity.

NOW DO YOU KNOW A DRUM MAJOR? If so, please take the time to assist us in recognizing individuals in our community and/or organizations whose contributions promote social justice, diversity and inclusion. The Drum Major for Service Award recognizes excellence in leadership, service, dedication and compassion. Please assist us in our desire to award those who give so much of themselves that our lives are more enriched. It can be your way of saying thank you to someone or an organization that made a difference in your life.

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Christiana Hardie -  Youth Leader of Tomorrow

Sahiba Salmon-Rekhi -  Youth Leader of Tomorrow

Renee Forrester - Adult Community Leader

Elizabeth Kimberlin - Adult Community Leader (posthumously)

Lebanon Food Pantry - Organization


Francesca Dishueme  - Youth Leader of Tomorrow

Hope McCarren - Youth Leader of Tomorrow

Steve Brady - Adult Community Leader

Elks #422 - Organization


Allison Bausmith - Youth Leader of Tomorrow

Linda Rabolt - Adult Community Leader

Resurrection Lutheran Church Art Ministry - Organization

Warrior Backpack Program - Organization


Pam Schiemann - Adult Community Leader

Laura Burke - Leader of Tomorrow

Prodigal Son Ministries - Organization

Sharen Eninger - Adult Community Leader
Hannah Louise McCarren -  Youth Leader of Tomorrow
Countryside YMCA - Organization

Mary Wells,  Adult Community Leader (posthumously)
Rev. Karen Schaeffer,  Adult Community Leader
Shawn Kimberlin, Youth Leader of Tomorrow
LHS ROTC, Organization
Mayor Amy Brewer,  Adult Community Leader
Rev. & Mrs. Woodson,  Adult Community Leaders
Alyne Scott,  Adult Community Leader
Home Depot, Organization
Bethel AME Church Organization

Sandra Offord,  Adult Community Leader
St. Patrick's Episcopal Church, Organization

Jay Mills,  Adult Community Leader
Well Dunn Photography, Organization

Lebanon Optimist Club,  Organization
Jean Benning, Adult Community Leader  

Mary Lou Harmon,  Adult Community Leader

2010 Freedom Honorees
James Mills
Ethel Sims
Marie Singleton
Barbara Younger